[Video] Veppo E-cigar featured on Fox Business News - NYC

[Video] Veppo E-cigar featured on Fox Business News - NYC

Posted by Gina King on Oct 14th 2019

Veppo’s co-founder Keith King, was featured on Fox Business News in a laid back but very informative interview with anchors Adam Shapiro and Tracy Byrnes. During the segment, Keith responded to some of the toughest questions that the entire vaping industry is facing right now, including the stuff that you might think we wouldn’t want to talk about:


  • How does the cigar smell?
  • Does it taste like a “Cuban Cigar?”
  • What do you think of cities like New York trying the ban the product?
  • How long does it last compared to a real cigar?

Keith King, who helped design the e-cigar’s operation and feel, gave the public some personal commentary on the Veppo mission. He talked about his inspirations in making the e-cigar, what makes it different from cigars and cigarettes, and how it operates in a public place in superior ways than traditional cigars and cigarettes.

To our delight, Fox News seemed as excited about the concept as we were, describing it as a safe, cost-efficient and more convenient alternative to the traditional cigar—especially since you don’t have to leave the entire building to enjoy the vapor. (See segment at 1:34 in video below)

Keith also revealed why these e-cigs and e-cigars should NOT be grouped with other tobacco products, which was an “Amen!” moment for all of us in the e-cig business. We work hard to make sure that Vape vaporizers, e-cigars and e-cigarettes are better products than what anyone can find in a common gas station.

They are innovative, they are the future!

The highlight of the interview for Veppo was when anchor Adam Shapiro said that it was the type of product that could help his father, who shouldn’t be smoking at his age. Indeed, we think the Veppo e-cigar is a great product to use for those who love smoking AND for those who know it’s time to give up the habit.

Thanks to the variety levels of nicotine – and all the way to down to ZERO – as Tracy Byrnes pointed out – you have total freedom to decide how much you need.

It’s a product for families who want alternatives. 

And as the Fox News endorsement said, it will make your spouse happy. Your kids happy. And all your friends happy, since you’ll be sending less tobacco smoke into the air and into your own precious lungs.

Watch the video “A cigar without a stench and smoke?” and learn more about this “sleeper hit” gift – the perfect gift for adults who want to make the switch. Video Link

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Veppo Vape Team

Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo, a family run brand offering select, tested, high quality vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 12 years, Veppo has provided more than 250,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes.

Gina is a mother, writer, traveler and speaker and has been featured on HuffPost, Forbes, Elite Daily and more.



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