The Perfect E-liquid Flavor for your Profession - Volume II

The Perfect E-liquid Flavor for your Profession - Volume II

Posted by Sabina King on Oct 11th 2020

Flavor. It’s the difference between a decent dish and mouth-watering meal; every forkful should be exceptional. That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of great flavor... Not for food, but for vaping. Because we know it means a more satisfying experience for you.

To get the best flavor, you need the best ingredients. We leave no stone unturned in crafting e-liquid flavors that are quality controlled using ONLY food grade flavors. Now, to continue our journey of the perfect e-liquid flavor for your profession...


Chocolate – Psychiatrist

best chocolate flavor eliquid

There's no more natural, direct link to happiness than chocolate. Clients' stories can be heavy, and depression is depressing! Please, indulge in some yummy chocolate and breathe it in deeply. Exhale with a sigh of relief. Sometimes happiness is as close as a taste of chocolate on the tongue. If only that applied to all people in all situations, life would be as easy as hot cocoa. But then, you'd be out of a job.

Vanilla - White Rapper

best vanilla flavor eliquid

Sure, vanilla could be the flavor match for an ice cream shop purveyor, or a baker, or candlestick maker (are there any of those anymore?) After all, vanilla is a sweet, smooth, irresistible flavor that warms the senses. However, upon hearing the word "vanilla," we just can't get this classic bass line out of our heads... one that brings to mind a particular 90s MC... Bum bum bum ba-ba-bum bum. Ice ice baby.

Almond - Food Critic

best almond flavor eliquid

Almonds seem to go with anything: pinched onto salads, sprinkled on croissants, encrusted on grilled snapper. So why not with e-liquid tobacco as well? Even the most discerning palettes will approve of this almond-enhanced flavor. Five stars! Two tongues up!

Cinnamon - Accountant

best cinnamon flavor eliquid

Need some spice in your daily life? Spice it up with an e-cig break and some sweet cinnamon flavor. It'll wake you up in so many ways. But easy does it! Too much and you'll find yourself doodling on that 1099-misc tax sheet. Which is fine, and might actually spice someone's day at the IRS headquarters. Just make sure to also input the correct info as well. Then everyone will be happy, spicy, and well accounted for.

Coffee - Security Guard, night shift

best coffee flavor eliquid

Falling asleep on the job? Have some coffee with your coffee! You can drink all the coffee in the world, but most likely by now your body is used to it. Hit your sleepiness from an unexpected angle: inhaling coffee nicotine. Bam! That'll keep you going til the breaka breaka dawn, and on and on.

Creme - Esthetician

best creme flavor eliquid

Veppo's creme e-liquid is silky smooth, just like perfectly moisturized skin. To all beauticians, this flavor is for you. This creme is the epitome of delicately balanced, deeply nourishing, and utterly soothing.

Hazelnut – Optometrist

best hazelnut flavor eliquid

As unique a flavor as hazelnut is, so is the rare eye color of hazel-- an intriguing blend of brown and green. And because you can relate with this exquisite color, esteemed eye care professionals, you have earned the right to partake in this rare and exquisite treat: hazelnut flavored e-liquid. Savor that flavor!

Green Tea - Meditation Instructor

best green tea flavor eliquid

Om shanti. Green tea is the perfect way to start your day of tai chi, meditation and studies of Eastern religion. Meditators, give yourself a little extra Zen with some puffs of green tea vapor. It will put your mind at ease, calming down the train of thought and bringing you into the present moment. Just you and your breath. Your now relaxed, warm, aromatic smelling breath.

Rum - Ship Captain

best rum flavor eliquid

Yo ho ho and a bottle of... rum-flavored e-liquid nicotine! Pirates, ferryboat drivers, fisherman, oil tanker captains, yacht purveyors and Coast Guard officers unite! We know you aren't supposed to drink and operate heavy machinery, including your beloved vessels of the high seas. So have yourself plenty of rum vapor until you anchor, when you can have actual rum. Then switch to cigar-flavored e-liquid to go with that. Veppo keeps you as happy as a clam, whether out at sea or sitting at the dock of the bay.

Mocha - Dog Walker

best mocha flavor eliquid

The obvious choice for the Mocha would be a barista, you say? They should be the ultimate fit for the Mocha flavored e-liquid. They are the connoisseurs of coffee and all that does with it. But, as many of us know (as most everyone has worked in a coffee shop at one point or another), the last thing you want is more coffee when you get off work. So we're saying dog-walkers. Why? Because of the inordinate amount of pets named "Mocha." Chances are you are just one degree of separation from a cuddly Mocha dog or cat. So mix it up with some coffee, chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. Go ahead and blend some of them together, creating a fine tasting mutt of an e-liquid. And come to think of it, Veppo has a different flavor combination for every breed of dog. But that is a different list all together...

Rich Combo - Marriage Counselor

best chocolate coffee hazelnut flavor eliquid

Is there anything chocolate can't fix? Especially in a relationship involving a woman? Let's just be honest. Chocolate won't necessarily make things right, but it will always help. Mix in a little vanilla, almond and a hint of coffee and you'll be sure to make any marriage last until at least the following week when your clients see you again. It may not be the ultimate answer, but it is guaranteed to prolong the sweetness and sassiness of a couple. Relationship experts, this rich e-liquid combo is the perfect prescription to have at your disposal.

What e-liquid nicotine flavor is the perfect complement to YOUR profession? We'd love to know what it's really like to be a veterinarian, or a pilot, or a stunt double, or even an insurance salesperson. Let us know what's the preferred e-liquid of your trade...

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Veppo Vape Team

Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo, a family run brand offering select, tested, high quality vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 12 years, Veppo has provided more than 250,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes.

Gina is a mother, writer, traveler and speaker and has been featured on HuffPost, Forbes, Elite Daily and more.



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