I'm vaping the tobacco flavor e-liquid with the Vault and it’s the closest experience I can get to the real thing. The taste is great, the throat hit is powerful, the vapor is smooth. Who has time and money for expensive cigarettes anymore? Thanks Veppo!
John Appleton - Artist


The coffee flavored e-liquid tastes like real coffee. Perfect for vaping while drinking a cup of Joe.


These days it seems that everyone has eliquid for sale.

How can you tell the difference between good quality eliquid and poor to average? It's hard to get past all the marketing mumbo-jumbo.


  • Kosher
  • Pharmaceutical Grade eliquid
  • Diacetyl-Free
  • Registered with the FDA

Veppo eliquid is produced in a sterile pharmaceutical grade facility and is not exposed to air. Yes, our people actually wear space suit-like outfits to avoid any contaminents in the eliquid environment. They look like they're walking on the moon. We use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients to make our eliquid with strict manufacturing processes. These ingredients are all kosher grade, free of diacetyl, and our manufacturing facility (one of the largest in the world) is registered with the US FDA.

Quality Control

Before the e-liquid is bottled or put into cartomizers, 32 strict testing processes are done for contaminates, flavor, and vapor production.

During bottling and filling of cartomizers, our factory is sterile and free of contaminates. The e-liquid is not exposed to air during this process.

All employees must throughly wash and suit up with full protective gear and face masks and pass through a decontamination tunnel before entering the bottling area. No office personnel or visitors are allowed in this area. This assures that the Veppo E-liquid is free of contaminates and no exposure to air, ensuring a consistent flavor and vapor for our customers.

 Certified Eliquid Bottling Facility & Registered with FDA

Veppo's bottling facility is ISO 22000 Certified for food safety and quality management systems. The facility has been awarded for its world class production workshops, physics and biochemistry labs, and e-liquid experimental center with precision detecting instruments.

Triple tested eliquid to ensure quality

After bottling Veppo's e-liquid goes through additional batch testing for any contaminants and flavor and vapor production.

We triple test everything - ingredients prior to mixing e-liquid, prior to bottling and the batch is tested after bottling.

Why is NO air exposure important?

Air exposure of eliquid allows contaminants to enter, which spoils the eliquid quality and flavor quickly. That means that your eliquid may taste good when you get it, but a week or month later, it's off. We test ALL of our eliquids before AND after they have been bottled and processed.

Why does Veppo go through all these steps?

To bring you, our valued customer, the highest quality, safest, and consistent e-liquid in the world.

Best Flavor

You want consistent, safe, great flavor? Veppo's e-liquid provides this to you. Our e-liquid gives you great, consistent flavor- which is mild and not overly sweet. Customers tell us we have the best flavor e-liquid on the market. And they tell us it has been consistent for 7 years!

Choices: PG or VG

Most of Veppo's e-liquid is PG based which gives the most flavor. Some of our more popular flavors come in VG for those who are sensitive to PG. VG based e-lquid does tend to give more vapor but is also thicker which may lessen the life of atomizers. Click here to find out more.

Safe, Childproof Packaging

We care deeply that our products are used only by responsible adults, so we make sure to put a child proof cap on each bottle.

4 Main Ingredients

Water, Propolyne Glycol (or Vegetable Glycerin), only approved food grade flavors and Nicotine.

Fill up with no mess

All Veppo eliquid bottles have a super pointy tip, allowing you to fill any tank or cartridge with no mess and no waste.

It's probably the reason why serious vapers only use Veppo eliquid.

Why choose Veppo?

At Veppo, we strive to offer the most complete line of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-cigars, and e-liquid. All our products are custom designed to fit your lifestyle. And now we have made it even easier to make Veppo your trusted source for all your vaping needs. Become part of the Veppo family, we'll take care of you.

The Veppo Difference

We encourage personal freedom and choice. We specialize in vaporizers - our products that have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life and lifestyle in people, communities, and families.

Let's De-stigmatize Vaping

We hand-select high-quality vaporizers and are stringent about e-liquid quality standards. Why? To give you an unforgettable experience and to bring vaping out of the shadows into the limelight. We know there is more to life than vaping. Vaping is one part of a life well lived.

Ready for a Revolution

Veppo is genuinely interested in the progression for a vaporizer revolution. We are passionate, forward-thinking and always perfecting the best vape experience because we know what an impact it can have on people's lives. Just ask the thousands of ecstatic Veppo customers that have already jumped on board!