As a photographer, it’s essential to for all my devices to be organized and ready for action! Not only is the Zip and Clip case an excellent size, but it also keeps me from forgetting any one particular part of my Veppo arsenal.
Liz Bartle - Photographer


The replacement cartomizers are great! I’ve only been on them a few months but l find I no longer want to smoke tobacco. A great product for those wanting to transition off of nicotine.
Jim Alvarez


The Veppo Difference

We encourage personal freedom and choice. We specialize in vaporizers - our products that have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life and lifestyle in people, communities, and families.

Let's De-stigmatize Vaping

We hand-select high-quality vaporizers and are stringent about e-liquid quality standards. Why? To give you an unforgettable experience and to bring vaping out of the shadows into the limelight. We know there is more to life than vaping. Vaping is one part of a life well lived.

Ready for a Revolution

Veppo is genuinely interested in the progression for a vaporizer revolution. We are passionate, forward-thinking and always perfecting the best vape experience because we know what an impact it can have on people's lives. Just ask the thousands of ecstatic Veppo customers that have already jumped on board!