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    In a world where technology often races ahead of common sense, The Vault SS is a reminder that sometimes a simple, dependable and stylish product can still rock your world. The Vault SS is sleek and packed with enough technology to make it a consistent user favorite, but not so much tech that you need a tool box and a schematic to get it working.

    The Vault SS is sleek and packed with enough technology to make it a consistent user favorite, but not so much tech that you need a tool box and a schematic to get it working.

    The Vault SS is ready to go right out of the box—and keep going for a long, long time. Its solid craftsmanship is synonymous with quality and elegant functionality.

    Two tanks, one pyrex and one stainless steel, feature airflow control and add different looks to the all-stainless styling of The Vault SS. The dual core atomizer is powered by a 1000 mAh battery (with optional variable voltage batteries), which is easily recharged and is protected by Overuse and Overcharge circuitry.

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    The Vault SS is the perfect mix of technology and practicality. It’s masculine without being macho. Stylish but not trendy. In fact, it’s a timeless design that speaks the universal language of elegant luxury. With an emphasis on quality materials and ease of use, Veppo had the busy, multitasking, pulled-in-a-million-directions user in mind. You don’t have time to fiddle with your vaporizer. You just want it to work and work well, day after day.

    It doesn’t hurt that The Vault SS also looks good. It’s modern but not too modern. The Vault SS easily fits in with your Harley gear on your weekend ride or in your office on Monday morning. The Vault SS goes with everything…and it goes everywhere. Perfect, you say? We agree.

    The VAULT SS Features

    Two tanks, two style statements - It takes just a few minutes to switch between The Vault SS’s stainless steel and Pyrex tanks. Both are durable and easy to clean, and each has its own style. Stainless steel is not only durable and strong, but it underscores The Vault SS’s modern styling. More resistant to fading and tarnishing than other metals, the shiny stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintain. For people with an active lifestyle, it’s reassuring to know that every part of The Vault SS has been reinforced from the mouthpiece and housing to the atomizer. The Vault SS is Built to last.

    Dual Coil Atomizer - Yeah, there are souped up vapes on the market with a coil assembly that looks like something Nikola Tesla designed in some dark laboratory. That is not something that the average customer wants. You want performance without the hassle of messing with too much tech. You want to pull out your vape and fire it up. The Vault SS has a powerful dual core atomizer that gives you high performance but not high maintenance. No jumper cables required! Just click the button and your Vault SS leaps into action producing excellent quality vapor production and pure flavor!

    Airflow Control – Take control of your vaping. Set your desired draw resistance and get the kind of vapor you need. When your battery runs low, you can increase airflow to boost vapor production—tricks of the trade that are made possible when you have the tools of the trade!

    Customize the “throat hit” using the variable Voltage Battery (3.2V to 4.8V) - Some people will want a high throat hit level to mimic that slight burn that comes with real cigarettes. Other vapers like a softer throat hit. This is precisely why we give our vapers a choice. If you want a bigger throat hit, you simply increase the voltage when the battery charge is down to increase the vapor.

    Higher mAh Battery – While many vaporizers do not have a battery power option, the Vault SS does. With longer time between charges, stronger throat hits and greater vapor production, the Vault SS gives you the power you demand. Choose from variable voltage with the 900 or 1100 mAh battery or the standard VAULT batteries of 650 and 1000 mAh. Like all Veppo products, The Vault battery comes with overcharge & overuse protection. That means you can leave it on the charger overnight and it will shut down when it’s done charging.

    Balanced Feel – Using a longer battery actually balances The Vault SS in your hand. We’ve struck a balance that adds to the ergonomics and usability.


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    Filling the tank - Hold the unit upside down and unscrew the atomizer base from the bottom ring of the tank. Fill the tank with Veppo E-liquid until the e-liquid reaches the top of the center hole. **Do not get e-liquid into the center hole. While holding the tank upside down, screw the atomizer base back onto the tank. Do not over tighten. Refill the tank with Veppo E-liquid when needed. When the flavor and vapor diminish replace the atomizer.

    Installing The Vault Tank - Screw the tank onto The Vault SS battery. Do not over-tighten. The Vault SS tank comes with both a Pyrex glass and stainless steel insert. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and look. The stainless steel insert is very durable but does not allow you to see your e-liquid level. If you get a burnt taste, your e-liquid level could be low, so periodically check the level.

    Turning on The Vault - Press the control button 5 times quickly to turn on The Vault. The light around the control button will flash and will light when it is pressed. When you are not using The Vault for extended periods of time, turn off the battery by pressing the control button 5 times quickly.

    Charging the batteries - The batteries come partially charged, so you can use them right away. To charge, screw the battery onto the USB charger, and plug the USB into a USB port on your computer or the supplied Veppo wall adapter. (**The output of the USB port must be 5V. If higher this could cause damage to the battery and USB charger**) The light on the charger will glow red when charging and turn green when charged. A full charge takes about 2 hours. The charger has overcharging protection, so it is fine to leave it on longer. Recharge the battery when the light around the control button flashes.

    Adjusting the airflow - Choose your desired draw resistance and vapor production by turning the airflow adjustment hole to the indicator line on The Vault SS tank. When the charge on your battery is low, turn up the airflow to produce more vapor.

    Adjusting the voltage (on optional variable voltage batteries) - Adjust the voltage of the battery by turning the dial at the bottom of the battery. The setting is between 3.2V and 4.8V. Choose the voltage setting depending on your desired amount of vapor and throat hit. Turn up the voltage when the battery charge is low to get more vapor production.

    Enjoy! Press the control button while you draw in the vapor and enjoy your Vault.

    If you have any questions about The Vault or other Veppo products, please contact our customer support Ninjas@veppocig.com.

    VaultVaporizer Instructions



    When temporarily storing or not using The Vault with e-liquid in the tank, lay it on its side so not to saturate the atomizer. For long term storage, empty the tank. If you experience a "gurgling" sound or are getting e-liquid into your mouth, you may have a saturated atomizer. Disassemble the tank atomizer base and blow out the atomizer and atomizer base. Then dry with a tissue.

    Do not place The Vault or batteries in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

    Periodically clean the contacts between The Vault tank and battery connection with a cotton swab.

    If you experience a burnt taste there are a few different things you can do. First check your e-liquid level, if it is low add more e-liquid. If that is not the problem, give 2 quick blows into the mouthpiece without pressing the control button. You can also try turning down the voltage on your vaporizer. If none of these things work then it is time to replace the atomizer in the tank.

    When disassembling and cleaning the tank, make sure the rubber seals are on each end of the Pyrex glass or SS insert.

    When the battery charge is low, increase the voltage to increase the vapor production.




    The Vault SS comes neatly packaged with everything you need to get vaping in minutes! No tech sheets, soldering guns or jumper cables needed! From the moment you pick up The Vault SS, you will be instantly aware of the quality of the product.


    VAULT SS Kit Components

    Enjoy the best vaping experience.

    The Vault SS Personal Vaporizer Includes:


    2 - Rechargeable 1000 mAh Batteries with a sleek, matte, silky finish.

    1 - VAULT SS Tank with optional Stainless Steel insert

    1 - Spare dual coil atomizer

    1 - USB Charger

    1 - Wall Adapter with USB Port

    1 - Protective Storage Box Available Colors: Black, Stainless, Blue, Red Available Flavor and


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