Vaping without Nicotine

Vapor Cigars


Do you love smoking cigars, but want to (or need to) switch to an alternative with less stink, and no smoke?

Vapor cigars produce a similar sensation to a regular cigar, without the burning, smoke or smell. Vapor cigars, or e-cigars, use the same technology as e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Vapor cigars don’t produce smoke or stink. They will leave you smelling fresh. Not like you just walked out of a smoker's closet.

 A vapor cigar looks just like a tobacco cigar. They have a LED ash end that lights up when you puff it to replicate a real cigar. They feature a mouthpiece, and they are wrapped up in brown cigar paper.   

Mainly, they are a great alternative to tobacco cigars.



How Vapor Cigars Work


To use a vapor cigar is simple. Just puff on the end like a traditional cigar.

The vapor cigar will turn on.

The LED tip will glow red.

The battery will heat up the coil; the coil will then heat up the e-liquid.

Once the coil has been heated the e-liquid and turns into vapor.

Vapor will flow out of the mouthpiece.

The vapor cigar turns off after the devices are done being puffed, or after 7 seconds to prevent overheating.



The exact length any cigar will last depends on the type of cigar and the size puff the cigar user takes. But overall a vapor cigar will normally outlast a traditional stogie at least 10 to 1. A Veppo disposable e-cigar will last you for weeks, sometimes even months. The perfectly pleasurable and relaxing puff is equivalent to 20 cigars.

 This means a vapor cigar last you several rounds of 18 on the course, weekend poker leagues or weeks out on the patio.


How Long do Vapor Cigars Last



I think that where I was chasing an impossible dream was in trying to replicate an old tobacco leaf cigar with something that is not an old tobacco leaf cigar. Took a while, but I now recognize that a Veppo is a thing of joy in its own right and has its own merits.

-Jim Y.


This is my first vaping product. I've been using it frequently for the last weekend and love it. All of the pleasure of smoking a nice cigar with none of the drawbacks. I haven't smoked cigars in years due to cost, odors, kids, and the headache of storing them. So glad I can smoke a cigar again! I can smoke for a few minutes at bedtime or while making a short drive without wasting 90% of a nice cigar. SO glad I decided to buy a Veppo cigar, and I will definitely be buying more.

-Rich G.


This cigar has been very carefully engineered and crafted. It produces plenty of smoke, and works on every puff. It feels like a cigar in my mouth. I am enjoying it more and more and have relegated real cigars to special occasions. It is also a fun conversation starter. I can smoke it for an hour without any problem just like a real cigar. Absolute top marks all around.

-Braxton W.

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A vapor cigar is a step forward without compromise. Keep the relaxation and camaraderie you get from a regular cigar. Lose the stink on your clothes, stink on your breath. Keep the enjoyment of sweet tobacco flavors.

No smoke means you’ll smell fresh.

Vapor doesn’t stick to anything, so after you finish puffing the vapor cigar, you’ll smell fresh. Or whatever you smell like. But not like you just walked out of the smokers lounge. This means you can use vapor cigars in your car and house without causing a scene. When you use a vapor cigar, you breathe vapor. Customers have used their vapor cigars in the homes of nonsmokers with no complaints.

Fully wrapped, just like the real thing.

You know the feeling of a great cigar in your hands? That feeling of course paper, ready to be smelled, lit up, and puffed? Most vapor cigars don’t have that. The Veppo Vapor Cigar comes fully wrapped in fine cigar paper so you can have that authentic cigar look and feel. This vapor cigar is made to last; no more replacing your favorite piece every few days.

Chomp down on the chewable mouthpiece.

The experience of a fine cigar is not only in the smoking, but also the soft feel on your lips. A true cigar is soft. It doesn’t feel like you’re sucking on a big, hard piece of plastic. Veppo Vapor Cigars have a chewable mouthpiece for the authentic feel. Don’t worry, just because it’s chewable, doesn’t mean it’s not durable. The mouthpiece has a protective coating to prolong its life.



See the disposable vapor cigar up close in this video.


See the rechargeable vapor cigar up close in this video.