Vaping without Nicotine


Cigarettes certainly don't. 



Are you looking for ways to enhance your style? Looking for ways to evolve your life?  Step into the best vaporizer, The VAULT. The VAULT is masculine without being macho. Stylish without being trendy. The Vault is where timeless design meets premium engineering.


With the VAULT your repertoire will be enhanced. You'll turn heads, you'll stir up conversations. People will be eager to talk to you. Join @Jaketheirish and the many others who have stepped into The VAULT and evolved their lifestyle.



How does The VAULT evolve your lifestyle?

Stylish masculine vaporizer


You'll smell better 

If you're looking fly then you've got to be smelling fly. No one ever said "that guy is so cool. I love how he reeks of cigarettes." The Vault leaves no stench to keep you smelling fresh.


Control your nicotine level


Take Control

You've got control over your life so why not control your nicotine intake? With The Vault you can dial in the exact amount of nicotine for your body needs. Find out more about choose the right nicotine level here.


Save money with vaporizers


Save your dough.

 Vaping is way cheaper than cigarettes. Whether you like to spend your money on your motorcycle or your whisky, with The VAULT you'll have more money in your pocket.