Refills, tanks & accessories


Find all e-cigarette accessories and refill systems for the Veppo e-cig here. Purchase cartomizers, extra batteries and cases.

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VEPPOccino accessories

The modestly sized vaporizer that is designed for ladies. The Veppoccino has got you styled, in a perfectly sized package. Find all Veppoccino accessories here.

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Vault accessories

The titan of the Veppo line-up of vaporizers, The VAULT is designed for a lifetime of vaping. High end, sophisticated and strong. Find all VAULT batteries and tanks here.

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E-Cigar accessories

Grab youself a protective case for your e-cigars or extra refills for the rechargeable e-cigar.

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old school accessories

Find VETTA accessories here! We've retired these items, but still keep a stock of accessories until they sell out. Save over 50% in this section!

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As a photographer, it’s essential to for all my devices to be organized and ready for action! Not only is the Zip and Clip case an excellent size, but it also keeps me from forgetting any one particular part of my Veppo arsenal.

Liz Bartle - Photographer

The replacement cartomizers are great! I’ve only been on them a few months but l find I no longer want to smoke tobacco. A great product for those wanting to transition off of nicotine.

Jim Alvarez
Heigh Quality


Once that lighted ash end light starts to blink, or your wick starts to dry, it’s time to get some new gear for your device. Here you can stock up on e-liquid cartomizers and back to vaping the best quality vapor in the industry.

Don't forget, if you buy your e-cigarette cartomizers in bulk, you'll save money and spend less time waiting for those cartomizers in the mail.

Upgrade your vaporizer with the perfect accessory.

If you are looking to get more out of your device or make to make vaping even more convenient, maybe it's time to enhance your device with some accessories. Here you can grab a carrying case for your Vault or Veppoccino or upgrade your e-cigarette with a tank to save money and vape even longer without a refill.