Rated #1 Electronic Cigar ever! Don't take our word for it...click to see the reviews.
  • A one piece slice of cigar heaven! Pull the tab and puff away.
  • Several flavors, nicotine levels and colors to choose from.
  • Fully paper wrapped with a soft tip for 'chewability'.
  • $29.99


For when you want to share. Or not.
  • The ultimate expression of "Thank You" or "Congratulations"
  • And the command to "Sit down and relax"
  • Each e-cigar is individually packaged and comes in a beautiful presentation box.
  • $99.99


Sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar. Re-love your cigar experience. Re-placeable cartomizer. Re-chargeable battery.
  • Sit down to the occasion of enjoying a relaxing e-cigar without the smoke or stale taste
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Several cartridge flavors
  • $109.95

E-Cigar accessories

E-Cigar accessories

Grab youself a protective case for your e-cigars or extra refills for the rechargeable e-cigar.

After 50 plus years of smoking Cigars I was advised by my Doctor to change to E-Cigars. I tried almost every E-Cigar on the market and was about ready to give up, they just weren't very good. I tried just one Veppo E-Cigar and knew I found the best E-Cigar on the market, PERIOD.. I now order 3 box's per month, Veppo has no equals on the market and I recommend them to all, you simply can't find a better E-Cigar.

Ed Miller - Financial Planner

The Veppo E-Cigar is by far the best product I've tried on the market. The soft-tip, great taste, and nice vapor production makes it seem as if you're smoking a real cigar. The best part? No nicotine, no harsh chemicals, no offensive odor if out in public, or better yet no smoke smell if you're in your house.

Matt Weik - Fitness Professional
Heigh Quality


You know the feeling of a great piece in your hands? That feeling of course paper, ready to be smelled, lit up, and puffed?

Most e-cigars don’t have that, but Veppo is a cut above.

Why are they rated as the Best E-Cigar? Because they have been featured in Men's Health, Gear Hungry and GOLF Magazine as the best e-cigar in the world. So go ahead, follow their lead and get yourself the best e-cigar for your next poker game, celebration or round of golf.

Quality with Veppo E-Cigars

These e-cigars are rated #1 because they are fully wrapped and have features to make them as authentic as possible.

The chewable mouthpiece gives a soft feel on your lips because the experience of a fine cigar is not only in the smoking but a feeling.

A real cigar is soft. Veppo’s version has a chewable mouth piece for a real feel.

You no longer have to book a trip to Cuba to get that authentic Cuban flavor. With nine flavors to choose from, including Cuban, you’ll find the perfect taste for any mood.