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Your next clubhouse essential.

No flame means no burns.

Have you ever watched your golfers when they head out on the course with a lit cigar?
If your course allows cigars, you probably cringe knowing that a burn hole is coming back on your golf cart.

If your course doesn’t allow cigars, your players are missing out on a traditional aspect of camaraderie and relaxation.

E-cigars can remedy both of these situations, allowing both golfers and golf course managers to relax.

You can see them thinking.. “what the heck do I do with this cigar?” They either awkwardly check their six to make sure the golf Marshall doesn’t see and plop it down on the fairway, or they fashion a makeshift holder in the golf cart basket hoping not to return to a cigar-sized hole in the seat.  
That scenario is ridiculous, and it plays out every day on golf courses everywhere. It is also avoidable.

Offer a solution without compromise.

Once your golfers roll up to their middle of the fairway tee shot puffing their e-cigar in celebration they won’t have to think twice. They can leave it on the seat, slip it into their bag, drop it in the cup holder or just throw it in their pocket.


Consideration is key.

Golf is a game of consideration. As golfers, we are polite; we are patient. In all honesty puffing a cigar is not the most considerate thing to do. That’s why an e-cigar is perfect for the course.
By offering e-cigars in the clubhouse, your golfers can enjoy the benefits, the relaxation, and the camaraderie of smoking a cigar without the smoke.

No smoke means no fire and no odor.

This means your customers can keep it classy on the course, in the lounge and still go home smelling like a round of golf, not an afternoon in the smoker's lounge.
That’s because unlike tobacco cigars, Veppo e-cigars can be enjoyed indoors without leaving any odor.

Increase sales in your pro shop.

Once your customers give e-cigar a try on the course, they’ll realize that e-cigars are great for celebrations, poker nights or with a beverage.

Not just for golf.

Cigars are often a symbol of celebration and relaxation.
Do you host weddings at your club?

Offering an e-cigar bar as part of a unique and memorable package can be an additional revenue source for your club. They pair perfectly with weddings!
Let the groom know you have access to bulk e-cigars. You’ll be cleared out of e-cigars by the time the bride and groom take their first dance.


Fully Wrapped, Authentic Cigar Look

You know the feeling of a great piece in your hands? That feeling of course paper, ready to be smelled, lit up, and puffed? Most e-cigars don’t have that but Veppo is a cut above.
The Veppo E-Cigar comes fully wrapped in cigar paper for that authentic look and feel.

Chewable Mouth Piece

The experience of a fine cigar is not only in the smoking, but also the soft feel on your lips.
A true cigar is soft. Veppo’s version has a chewable mouth piece for a real feel.

Nine different flavors

No longer will your golfers need to book a trip to Cuba to get that authentic Cuban flavor. With nine flavors to choose from, they’ll find the perfect taste for any mood.
The most popular flavors are Cuban, tobacco, vanilla and cherry.

Featured in Golf Magazine and Men’s Journal

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You'll see 100% profit margins!
To sell e-cigars, your business must be in accordance with local laws in regards to the selling of tobacco and nicotine.
Payment must be made up front for wholesale purchases.
E-cigars are only to be sold to individuals over the age of 18.
Veppo products are offered as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Veppo products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age.  They are not by intended for use by non-smokers, children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or by persons with or at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or people taking medication for depression or asthma.