Cosplay Accessories for Non-Smokers


Bring out the character. Let the personality take over.

Abby Darkstar Cosplay Artist uses ecigarettes
Abby Darkstar Cosplay Artist uses ecigarettes
To perfectly replicate any character in your cosplay, you need to make sure that you have the right cosplay accessories. For those characters that have a signature cigarette or cigar, a vaporizer may be the best way to achieve the look.
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Vaporizers enhance your Cosplay

Vaporizers enhance cosplay

Keep in character, even indoors.

Certain characters require their signature cigarette or cigar. Without it, the character isn't as realistic. You can now keep your Cosplay in full effect, even in indoor cosplay conventions where smoking is banned. Keep in character and play it up.

Eliquid for vaporizers

Enjoy your perfect flavor.

You've got to be in character all day, so make sure you like what you are vaping. Veppo's line has over 54 flavors of e-liquid to choose from. Enjoy.

Vaping in Cosplay

Attitude in every cosplay.
You know exactly how much attitude, costuming and makeup to put into every character. Have that same level of choice with what you vape. Choose from 6 levels of nicotine for an extra boost or zero nicotine for a pure expression.

How can you make your cosplay stand out? It is easier than you think!  

Watch Abby's easy tips on creating depth in your characters.