You don't need to put up with the stench and smoke from cigars. You can have the pleasure of a cigar without the nasty side effects. The full paper wrap of the Veppo electronic cigar feels great in your hands. The chewable mouthpiece feels soft on your lips. As you inhale, the aroma and flavors of the vapor envelop you as you lose yourself in the moment.

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Che Guevara. Winston Churchill. Jack Nicholson. JFK. Mark Twain.

Famous Cigar Smokers

The common bond between these powerful icons- Cigars.

Powerful people do extraordinary things. Contemplating their impact on humanity with the best cigars in the world dangling from their lips. Let's face it, you might not be altering the course of humanity tomorrow, but you do share one commonality with these icons.

You get it. You appreciate the art of the cigar.

You understand the brilliant moments of clarity and pleasure that stem from a solid cigar. You understand the longing for those quiet moments with just you, your thoughts and a stogie in your mouth.

Here's what sets you apart -- you've evolved.

You don't need to put up with the stench and smoke from cigars. You can have the pleasure of a cigar without the nasty side effects. The full paper wrap of the Veppo electronic cigar feels great in your hands. The chewable mouthpiece feels soft on your lips. As you inhale, the aroma and flavors of the vapor envelop you as you lose yourself in the moment.

The perfect e-cigar for your legacy.

You deserve the best electronic cigar. Veppo's e-cigar provides all of the nuances of a traditional cigar without the nasty side-effects.

  • Your health is important to you. You love the satisfaction of a good cigar but can do without the smoke.
  • You don't want to fly to Cuba to get the best flavor; you'd rather have that at your fingertips whenever the urge for pleasure overtakes you.
  • You'd rather not have to dry clean your wardrobe after every cigar and fumigate your home. Or worse, be banished to the garage or carport every time you light up.


Cigar featured in Golf Magazine


The Veppo e-cigar will do the following:

  • Open your stogie and begin puffing immediately- without assembly, mess or a headache.
  • Give you all the flavor possible with each inhalation.
  • A chewable mouthpiece allows you to chew on your stogie to your heart's content.
  • Wrap you in that cocoon of delicious vapor- without the nasty smell.
  • Open the doors of conversation.
  • Give you the time and space to contemplate world peace, start revolutions or begin that masterpiece novella that's been haunting you for years.

What Veppo's e-cigar will not do:

  • Stink up your clothes/home/car/restaurant with thick, dense, smoke.
  • Aggravate your mother-in-law and place you in the dog house at Christmas time.
  • Cost you a fortune each time you want to smoke a quality cigar.
  • Force you to shop in the black market every time you crave that Cuban flavor.


Fire up your Veppo e-cigar and get lost in the power and prestige that a good stogie can bring into your world.

Pursue our reviews for some additional feedback from those revolutionaries who have traveled before you. Better yet, order your e-cigar and join them. 

When is it appropriate to have a Veppo E-Cigar? What kind of question is that?

After Dinner.
Golfing with buds.
Celebrating a birth.
Poker Night.

We still don't understand the question.



Total satisfaction in the fine, deep draw. 

  • Chewable Tip

The experience of a fine cigar is not only in the smoking, but also the soft feel on your lips. The chewability factor is one reason that Men's Journal, Golf Magazine and Fox News have featured the Veppo e-cigar.The Veppo e-cigar is a one piece slice of cigar heaven: instant access to the best electronic cigar experience.E-cigar 5 pack

  • Fully paper wrapped heaven

Our e-cigars last a long time, which means that the paper needs to hold up longer than a traditional cigar. We’ve kept the textured look and feel of the e-cigar, but added a protective coating to the mouthpiece to prolong the life.

  • Long-lasting pleasurable, flavorful puffs

The saying goes "Variety is the spice of life", right? Our expanded cigar flavors will offer you what you are craving. No matter what mood you are in, there are nine flavors to choose from. Your favorites are still here like tobacco, menthol, chocolate and vanilla . But we’ve added exotic flavors like clove and Cuban cigar. Enjoy a few. We won't tell. We’ve kept the generous size of the e-liquid cartridge to provide you with an abundance of satisfying puffs. We're smiling too.


The largest electronic cigar you can buy, Ring size- 48.

This electronic cigar will last you for weeks, sometimes even months. The perfectly pleasurable and relaxing puff is equivalent to 20 cigars



Pull the plug and puff. Cigars come fully charged.



Relaxation. Deep satisfaction. And one Veppo electronic cigar.

Disposable electronic cigar



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