Six Fun Ways to Convert Smokers to Vaporizers or Ecigarettes

Six Fun Ways to Convert Smokers to Vaporizers or Ecigarettes

Posted by Veppo Vape Team on Oct 1st 2020

Have you tried it all to rid your partner, husband, wife, sister, brother of their smoking habit?

You have tried all the anti-smoking league tactics; complaining about the smell, the dirty ashtrays and banning the smoking offenders to a small, designated smoking area of the house or out of doors.

The smoker has responded by buying a can of air freshener, defending the dirty ashtray like it was a national treasure and ventilating the bathroom while sitting on the pot having a furtive nicotine break.

You tried to interest your smoker in a sophisticated vapor kit, even investing in the first three month supply. Your smoker charged it up just to see how it worked, then went outside to smoke a cigarette.

It’s time to take drastic measures.

Here are six ways to convert smokers to vaporizers.

1) Keep children around.

If you don’t have any, borrow the neighbors' kids. Most smokers will be respectful and not light up in front of children due to social shame. The smoker has been given strict instructions on smoking in front of children, but no matter where he or she goes, there’s a kid hanging out. Offer them a vaporizer instead that they CAN use around children.

2) Buy a box of fire crackers.

Each time you suspect the smoker is lighting one up, set two or three of them off. Be sure to be sneaky about it. You don’t want the smoker to catch on that you’re stalking those furtive steps. After awhile, your smoker’s nerves will be so wracked, he’ll willingly try vapor.

3) Find reasons for taking road trips.

Plan a frequent, extended road trips with a few other non-smoking friends or family members. The non-smoking driver never stops except to take restroom breaks and chooses non-smoking zones for the pit stops. When the driver does finally stop at a secluded location, it’s too windy to light up. Plan accordingly and have that e-cigarette attached to the car charger and you'll unconsciously convert the smoker to vaporizers instead.

4) Throw smoke-free parties.

Anyone stepping out to light up a cigarette must forfeit the right to drink.

5) Open a secret overseas bank account.

If your smoker is your partner, transfer most of the living expense budget into the account. When the smoker wants money to buy cigarettes, you can show that there isn’t any extra to spend. While the smoker is climbing walls, trying to figure out how to stretch that nicotine habit, offer the vapor kit you had bought months ago.

6) Sneeze every time you smell cigarette smoke.

Don’t use your Kleenex or sleeve to cover up, but gag and cough uncontrollably. Afterward, blow your nose and say, “I’m sorry. It must be allergies, or I’m coming down with something.” This will make the smoker nervous. Worried that your condition might be contagious, the smoker will eventually try vapor just for peace of mind.

We're pretty sure that these 6 tactics to convert smokers to vaping will work on your resistant smoker.

Have you tried any interesting tactics?

Veppo Vape Team

Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo, a family run brand offering select, tested, high quality vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 12 years, Veppo has provided more than 250,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes.

Gina is a mother, writer, traveler and speaker and has been featured on HuffPost, Forbes, Elite Daily and more.



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