Our team looks and feel this good when we vape Veppo.

Glad to meet you

Our team at Veppo came together with a shared passion for life. We have all lived and travelled to the far reaches of the globe and, having done that, widened our horizons to new possibilities and dreams. Making dreams come true requires hard work, dedication, belief and good health.

We all pick up vices on this long, winding road and the one most common is, of course, smoking. We get it.

Choosing a higher standard.

With that in mind, we started to look at choosing higher standards for ourselves. Less junk food, less beer, less putting things off until tomorrow and more productivity, exercise and wiser choices. The one thing we couldn’t find was a suitable replacement for the darn sticks!

Yes, we had come across e-cigarettes before but they were way too unreliable, tasted like crap, or singed the back of our throats so badly we needed a cigarette to cool it!

Designing a premium experience.

From that point it became our mission to create the ultimate device. The know how was already out there, we just needed to source premium components and liquids to create the ultimate balance in taste, flavor and, most importantly, a better alternative to cigarettes.

After some months of debating, brainstorming, testing, we unleashed them on friends, family and most importantly, you. The results were outstanding.

The team at Veppo is proud to offer only premium vaporizers and accessories. Our mission for that is accomplished! 

That doesn't mean we are slowing down! Instead we are working to de-stigmatize vaping and unlink it from smoking. 

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