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10 Reasons to Choose Veppo

With the myriad of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the market, one might ask, why choose Veppo? Here we give you the lowdown on WHY ;)




Having spoken to our customers, the one thing that they keep mentioning is how the kits they receive are always exactly what they want. That is mainly because we cater for as many different types of smokers/new vapers we can imagine so wherever you fit into that spectrum you can be guaranteed to find the right strength of e-liquid for you and the most optimized vaporizer for your own personal needs. We have our finger on the pulse too, so are constantly striving to stay ahead of the pack with new innovations.




Ninjas answer the phones and take care of each order, making sure that everything you ordered will work together. Honest, quick, meticulous and reliable, any problems you might have will be swiftly dealt with so quickly, you won’t even remember you had one! Our customer service is available 6 days a week and you get to talk to an actual Ninja too!




Yes, there are cheaper electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the market, however, there are thousands of different MP3 players too, but 90% of customers still buy the iPOD right? Here at Veppo our products are made to a premium standard and are built to provide our customers the aesthetic quality and ergonomic functionality they deserve.

Our products last so you won't have to buy a new one every 2 months. 




Whatever you want, we have, it won’t be on the site if we don’t. Simple as that.




We don’t make blunders, so you won’t have any recurring charges on your monthly bank statements from us. With us, you buy what you want when you need it. Other electronic cigarette companies may try and entice you with free samples or trials of their products but don’t believe the hype. Their products are way inferior to ours and you will probably get stuck with batches of e-liquid being delivered to your door that you didn’t order. Read the small print guys and girls 




A small and trusted unit, we have members with an over abundance of skills and talents that are always conjuring new ways to provide our customers with the best experience and to maintain our high standards throughout, from keeping more than up to date with technological innovations and keeping our website fresh and our blog interesting  You can always rely on one of us bringing something unique to the table on a daily basis which in turn helps improve our customer’s experience of using our services.




You are probably here because a friend told you about us. We are firm believers in this source of information as you rely on your friends and appreciate their honesty. Here’s hoping you will be passing a rave review of us onto one of your friends soon enough. Pay it forward ;)




Let’s be honest here, vaping is such an innovative idea that people are still rather clueless to it but we see our customers and ourselves as the “future” those who are cutting edge and have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the amazing technological advancements being made, not just in our field, but overall. 

We like to stay on top of that constantly and will always be refreshing our products with the most advanced and safe methods to enjoy vaping wherever you so wish. We were the first and only company to offer a disposable electronic cigarette that is exactly the same as the regular starter kit electronic cigarette. We will keep developing, evolving and pushing forward. It is in our team DNA.

We listen to new music, watch cool films and then discuss these in our blogs to so if you have things you would like to share with us get in touch!




Everyone likes free stuff so we have made it our mission to have at least one competition a month where you lucky guys can win some of our great products, we love designing these but are more than happy to listen to suggestions too, so drop us a line if you have a cool idea! Or a whacky one! We are easily convinced here!


10: Good ol’ honest fun


We like to laugh, we are mischievous, witty and like banter but we do take our product, mission and business very seriously. Laughing through it just makes it all the more fun to do, don’t you think? ;)